Keep Looking Up

The Musical

The Musical Campaign (lyrics included)


The Setlist - lyrics and music composed by christopher carlson

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Get Wet California

America, What Fee?/Call for Volunteers


Delta Blues



Taliesin (Trying to Save my Eyes)

Disaffected Statists

We are Willing

Bear in Mind

Runtime: 45 minutes

Here is Guber, in its entirety:

I flower my sentences

Pedal through blisters

Throw rice for my sister

Score one for the listener (double)



Quinoa for dinner then rehearse

versed in script and scripture

roots chew through the ground

Found their way to my liver


Missouri Motto (me) a leader

Who’s a good example (not me)

Kids cut skin and class ‘cause fascists rig the game

Authority authority outside my DNA (Damn thank you)

Checks to the authorities who mispronounce my name

Lunches, spoiled by congress and number crunchers.

Dudes, why can’t we give these kids healthy food?

Like truth black lives to blues inconvenient

Candles for the vigilant-(awkward recognition beat)

BREAK (tone. tone.)


Tongue clicking a la drop it like it’s hot. Getting rusty Snoop


Take me to a place where they make vegan sandwiches

Fundamental breakdown of the GATES in K-6

Underage, HFCS in their braces

\\. Babies. (They tried to ban that shit in Europe)

No legs no vision less you move around

Call you out for not dressing down (You’re gonna die clown)

Chair WORK carpal tunnel WORK analysing words WORK

Something something keeps making Concentration worse


Folks afraid to work case they get hurt

And doctors cost em all they are worth

More people make more coin than ever

Still we wait in vain for the weather to bring

Water for the sick, manna for the dying

Mama please don’t make me go back to the mines


Handscuffed, feet black back the track up


Mama please don’t make me go back to the mines

Actors about town and dummies on stage

Run around and call themselves the new age and wage

War on the intellect, War with their reflections

War on every moron wanting free and fair elections


Look, (hit/crrack)  the land’s polluted

Can’t breathe (hit/crack) Can’t see through it.

Ras al-Khair and Sorek beat the bay and LA to the drop   

(crack) Come on Siliconia commit to it. (Get Wet California)


Takes the west a while to catch up, and bargain,

We like the rubber balls in the supermarket

We like that ping pong paddles is cheap,

Like a frisbee is cheap, like a cooler is cheap

patronizing all this theorizing we are on the

5th stage of grief cause you denying the science

Primary priorities are subject to delay

Oooo we know we need it, but how will we pay?

Money ain’t an object if the state likes your style

Money ain’t an option when the pobre stands trial


THIS WALL (TRUMP AHAB) We Don’t Wanna Kills the Whales anymore


O Captain, the crew hears rumors that the sea is hotter

It’s ironic cause we’re also running out of water

Yes, the Earth’s been thawing for millenia

Are we gonna do something or just disappear

If you don’t think this is our job geezers please stop steering

We need some science math and probly even geoengineering

(Bless, I said it) Know you’re in the hills and you watch the sky

weird to have beef with the weather guy

I keep on hitting this wall it’s all in

Why was I running so hard in the beginning

Who sent out that memo sayin “Check this, kid out.”

Paid for college slept parttime

Depressed like lennon pop like McCartney

Bob Ross on this canvas

[Beat the devil out of it.]

Happy Trees This is just between us.

Be proud of it.


Standing on the sidelines

Watching this shit go down

Now this payaso has words for it


Witness to prisoners Witness to poets

Singers and scientists Watching the show it’s so

Nice to have the right to write the rules

but does it stay fair? No, it never does.


“Trust. Keep Rowing the boat. Keep rowing.”


(In the distance “we don’t wanna kill the whales anymore, we don’t wanna kill the whales anymore, we don’t wanna kill the whales anymore yeah Captain is a basket case.   


Donchano Donchano donchano donchano Row sounds,

(explosion) This is how I retire from politics,

(explosion) Throw it out and see what the fish sticks

(explosion) Hit em all with that Rio Linda spit
[[Get wet California]]


California on fire

Lightning touched the kindling

Calling all fighters

Gonna be a long night again


THUNDER CRACKS. Drumroll, march ALL FIGHTERS (sample)

Let’s see those elephants walk


Class to be honestly I -I don’t know where to start

Projections say this project is falling apart

Aging, ailing ollies appreciating art

At value,

Poison in our bodies in the water, air, and food,

That could have been avoided, and must be removed.

The middle child says the house is burning

But it’s the middle child, and so they keep on arguing


Teacher wants to see some hands up for action

Did you volunteer or did your ass get drafted

A memo from the desk of the top brass

Effective immediately, 800 sharpen your ass

Coffee and tea free compliments of BPOE

Supreme order of the minstrelsy

Say goodbye to your families

So you can go overseas

Kill the Japanese for your country

Kill the Koreans for your country
Kill Vietnamese for your country
Kill Iraqis, Afghanis, Yemenis, Somalis, Libya Syria Pakistanis
Man we’re bombing so many countries I cant’  even see straight


It’s enough for most of us at least

Busy, lovely, happy, and all free huh?

Sing a song of sixpence, sex and politics

Politics is sexy, politics is theatre

Politics has make up, haircuts, scandals

SAMPLE Candles for the vigilant

You call this defense? It’s hella expensive
You want safety, I’ll give you safety
I’m sorry I forgot who I was talking to,
Let me put on my elephant trunk

The snake on my face.

Take a big rock, call that big rock Earth
Take a little rock, a little smaller than mars
Hit the big rock with the little rock
And a quarter of the big rock forms the moon
Next slide

Take the same big rock
And another little rock, this time a 6 mile comet
Hit the big rock with the little rock, Congratulations
Now you killed the dinosaurs

Oh, you don’t believe in dinosaurs ok

Take the same big rock, call it Goliath
And another little rock, call it David
But let’s break it down

Falling from the heavens, 13,000 years ago
Flaming balls of fire, raining cyanide
Crashing to the surface,
Ooh man did they deserve
Phaethon’s chariot of fire
60 miles wide, a cluster bomb of platinum
Raining cyanide
And now the water is rising
Please take me to a higher place
Zoroaster saw it coming
Galilleo, and Newton,
A flaming sword that always keeps

Our Atoms east of Eden
Well if somebody told them,

We could have saved Atlantis.
We could learn
We should learn how to preserve these things
We could save America. We could save the whole world.
save the coastlines, and the people who live down by
The river, who will save them,
who will save the Progress, America?

Don’t Panic. I’ll admit that I’m a manic

We have Watchmen on the walls, hope we don’t forget to keep watching
We can put solar panels on asteroids and use lasers

To move them safely out of the way, but hey

If you want to start over with slaves,
And Crusades, and Famines, and Plagues, by all means or
We need infrared space telescopes
And kids to do the formulas
Kids who understand the calculus
That is Keeping track of all of this
So that one day, not if but when
Somebody has to save us
It could be a Californian
Teacher wants to see some hands up for action
Can I get a volunteer?
Or do I have to draft you?
Keep looking up.



Of all the lives this banner cost, America what fee

shall comfort gold star mothers but this cloth of liberty?

And though the sacred nature of remembrance gives us pause,

we never stop to elevate this flag above our flaws.

As victors, once the victims, escaped into the dawn,

we recognise those suffering and mourn our damage done.

And when this flag is finally burned, and will eventually,

Oh, then can you say, "May this fire long wave o'er the land of the brave and the free."



California constitution longer than the bible

Hell if I know what I’m doing if this shit goes viral

We do what we do to prosper,

And still we prosper

What we do we do to prosper

*And still we prosper


I saw you on Maher, adding to the patter

Rand Paul of the DNC, climbing the ladder

White enough to woo, Right enough to rule

Rich enough to win kinda tough to fool

If I break my party line I might do it for Tulsi

If Veronika takes the prime I want you to toast me

Ice cream during chiang’s speech damn that’s cold, Gav

Is there anything an oil baby can’t have? really

Swing Left of me lieutentant I double dan dare you

John Cox’s wife thinks he should be the president too


Nobody wants this job..

Stair steppers

Oh good they want to (work for the people)

That’s nice cause most of the time (people hate people)

Who wants to preside over a divide, and seismic drop in employment

Failed legislation, a sedate and misinformed population

Daddy look at us, we finally made it

Wiser, older, richer and more dated

The institution is insulated, Do or do not debated

Fanning the flames,

A famine in funds and fanatical faith hasten our fate

Granted All good deeds demand deliberation

debating dates is great except in expiration


“It’s a human system with limited funds on a ball of rock floating in space.”

Nobody wants this job.

Nobody wants that job.



People don’t pump that Delta

Delta don’t want your judas kiss

Someone’s got to say don’t pump that delta

There’s better ways to handle this

Not just the smelt up in that Delta

The ocean water’s creeping in.


Water so salty

Humpback whale came all this way

Water so salty

One whale even brought it’s little baby

Banging pots and pans underwater

Turn them around back to the bay


Pretty soon you’ll all be drinking

Salty wine and salty nuts

The Delta Marsh is salty now

And don’t we hate your guts

I am so sorry you ran out of water

So did Dubai, and Israel and look what San Diego’s doing!

Fuck. Get some desalination going or some shit damn!


TRAFFIC Chaplin meets the Blob


It’s my meditation time, only me and these empty seats

Satellite says sorry, my map app’s drawn a long red line

I pray for no accidents, If I’m lucky I’ll make it to work by ten

I’m well-adjusted, right at home, and happy in traffic


There’re so many people, when are they going

My car eats as much as me, all of this feels so feeble

Do my kids even love me? I should just shut off the engine and push

At least I’d be walking a bit stead of sitting, and melting in traffic


Oooooo California’s population will only steadily grow

And it costs a lot of dough to keep repairing the streets and roads

Plus a single semi can cause equivalent wear to ten thousand cars

So let’s just keep throwing money at traffic until it takes everything


Bye bye, bicycle utopia, it’s only feasible

For people who like to breathe tailpipe exhaust And every so

often run over a sharp piece of car, oh public transit

You’re like the only good thing we have going,

I should look up your rates on my hands free device

When I have safely arrived at my destination


What’s with all this overaccelerating and suddenly braking my heart

There are so many so many so many cars

I’m bizarrely ok with, and.I kinda belong to the TRAFFIC




City work Sittin in a chair work

Glasses with the glare proof coating Glare anyway as

Students sit in lit in situ limbo

Subjects in a sentence charting verbs the window’s closin

Grown and owned in loans n likes and interest

Stressing every instance of distance


I do this job

I do that job

Oh hey look there’s a job over there

Jobs jobs jobs

You can’t have a job

Name 5 kinds of jobs


Sweat into my eyes like I’m Frosty

Crossing the Delaware River in August

Sledge swings my wrist and shins to splinters

Pledge the best nights it’s potatoes for dinner

I depend on presence

My freedom until it’s time

Mama please don’t make me go back to the mine


Handscuffed feet black back the track up,

Mama please don’t make me go back to the mine


Jobs are great

Work for the state!

I’m out of place pace is slow steady

Go look for more jobs

Find a new career

Now the jobs are over here


Your kid has to eat

Why can’t your kid get a job

Grand a month or on the street

I’m a stupid, lazy slob




Tech blind/Stop sign Count to thirty


I’m not looking at the light, I’m just trying to save my eyes.


I grew up staring at Jesus on his knees

in a garden asking God to grant him a pardon

Mom remember how you said singing could be my service

That I take myself to church when I’m the one whos witness’d

Please don’t give me any money If I win it’s wasted

We spend so damn much on elections nowadays it’s tasteless

83 mill spent on 8, in 08, please donate to SPLC in ‘18. I’ll wait.

What a politician takes,

a politician takes


A check to the aquarium, we’re raising for every

Zoo, museum, shelter, School Band, you can afford

Write a check to the girl scouts, you can’t afford not to

Girl Scouts, please sell your cookies on election day

People would pay they might even wait

Animal Welfare Institute could use a dime

Memo: the GuBER campaign on the for line

You can’t pay for clarity

I am not your charity.


I’m not looking at the light I’m just trying to save my eyes


It’s a cyber affair somedays 8 hours looks like me not blinking

reading everything I can to keep from thinking

What do I give of greater substance than any other, there are

days I am at work with heart and there are many others

I want to give my time to real needs Real things

Reality’s the kingdom In my kingdom, in my kingdom

People need a grand a month but we dont even feed em


I’m not looking at the light, I’m just trying to save my eyes

Hurts to know what we need so many bleed

cause my breed eats, beats, shoots the sower and leaves and this

parts for Taliesin’s sister she plays the harp

It hurts to know what we need


I want to write a love song but Klansmen keep killing my friends.

And you are giving them support for harming peaceful innocents.

All doubts removed your rhetoric triggers psychopaths


We are on opposite ends of the spectrum

At least we’re on it.

Our war is with the uninformed

Not the uniformed. How do we protect each other?
You must associate, engage, think critically and vote constantly

A democracy underinflated by poll workers and voters abandoned

Is no different from a controlled corrupt system.


We, a people written off in an environment of technology and learning

Created to entertain and sustain us.

With a need to believe in the order of the orderly.

Reluctantly find crisis where we wanted seniority.


We are disaffected, in luxurious cement we sit and see

Taxes levied that level foreign topography

Rent rates and policies raised against poverty

We want to taste clean energy, and who says she that

cleaned the water can’t raise a daughter to challenge me

When I am out of touch and should not lead


Empty plastic bottles moving up the freeway

To be filled with milk and back down to feed the

Models of business today need direction

Diesel Rigs rip ditches in the streets for cheap cosmetics

Healthcare prescribes Insulin, milk and meats for diabetics

While secret police sic beats for your protection


If anybody wonders what makes young angry

Believing all to be a little crazy, stay sane in the face of

Charging up the tribalism killing kids within the system

Talk like soundbytes we don’t listen

Cannot live our moral lessons

Shrug off victims in a violent state

Jaded in faded blues the person we’re afraid of

Is on the news again, hero played by hooligan

Night polluted by lights can’t see the twinkling

And nobody wants this job anymore

Nobody wants this job

Nobody wants that job

Everything you worked for is gonna die with you


We trade places and you take your pensions

Fashion signs out of white picket fences

And keep a knee on the ground


Funny how after being

Sold out by a small group running their mouths

About how we just can’t face the now

We found life without money.

Rounding the sun against stasis, glacius minimus

The galaxy moves so much faster than you but dudes!

Thank you for all that you did do.



Humanity, please watch my house for me

You’ll get a lifetime of money, friends and a body for free.

You can eat almost anything, but some of it’s poison

That’s why you’re getting a memory

To Keep track of everything

You can sing

If you’re ever in trouble

I’ll give you more people

They’ll ask lots of questions

And find out the answers

When they get back to you

Take what they say at face value

They have proofs.

So you think that I gave you a planet

Just so you could use it? I did, but

Take care of it, kids because that being said

Please respect the planet

Like I’m paying you to house sit.

You are fully prepared for this moment

Whatever you want to call forth from within yourself is inside you.

You are a container and conduit for the past and present.

Maybe you are even grander than your greatest goal

fully fleshed out fantasy.

What the poor spend feeds directly into the local and state economy. They spend everything.

The Story of guber

It came in on the wind. A song here, a puppet there, and the framework of a musical production. A little healthy spectacle to inject joy and natural awe into a political game that all people play to some extent. Whether it's a gas tax, or rail, or regulations, the whole state is gambling to find a proper scapegoat for the next big inconvenience.

If you ever find the CA state quarter, or visit Yosemite, surely you will be aware of a sauntering writer named John Muir. This show began as a few stories of his, and grew and grew. Sometime in Chicago, 2014, the Second City treatment involved a pastor teaching his Sunday lessons from the writings of Whitman, Muir, and Teddy Roosevelt.

In 2015, the stage grew. No longer was this a story of one man's life, as it now imagined a world where John Muir had, before his passing, decided to run for the governorship of California.  About 6 months of political applications and paperwork have been completed. Now the curtain flies on a new work. Hopefully the presence of Guber's message will be a step in the reformation of our OWN minds and ideals.

Bless (I said it.)