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Between the triple boondoggle that is HSR, the water tunnels, and looming Pension Crises (State, City, and other Munis)...I do not envy the next Governor. -Stronedelphicon

I’m voting for Gavin so good luck with jungle primary. -AssGovProAnal

But was your poem published? -Titus_Favonius

Pls stop. Find out where the hidden treasure is at at lake Buena vista. -Dr_Gynecologist

Yeah this feels fake. -judenpuben

THe wAter iS fInE. It's uNdEr tHe MAXIMUM CoNtAminATion LeVel. -VentingSalmon

Dude, really? I’m a bio chemist and don’t really want to get into it, but drinking water that has a pH of 8 from calcium carbonate has been shown to be fine, in fact heart protective in study after study. Ask the World Health Organization.. The body regulates blood pH at 7.4. This is a very strict process....By no means are water rates in Bakersfield among the highest in the state. I work in the field. Water rates are actually pretty low considering we live in a desert. The MCL for TCP was just implemented on Jan 1, 2018. It is 5 parts per trillion. Water now flowing thru the newly installed vessels is Non-detect, simply put Zero. They won a lawsuit from Dow and Shell, manufacturers of TCP, that will pay for treatment until it is no longer present. Potentially a long time. As a society we need to be careful with chemicals that we spray on the ground. That is why I don’t use round up. I take the time to pick my weeds instead of spraying them. Unfortunately, commercial agriculture is dependent upon numerous potentially harmful chemicals -Waves4me

Can we get the 4:1 patient to nurse ratio too 😊 I heard California has a 1:4 patient ratio... think it's a law. All of us new Yorkers are jealous -dominick015

I’d definitely not assume your election will go well at least. -Shastaw2006

It used to be a flat rate. Now it's a flat rate, plus what you use. We cook with tap water, and drink it when there is no bottled or reverse osmosis water at home. My father who drinks nothing but tap is always complaining of nausea and confusion. -VentingSalmon

It gets really hot. -design0raptor

So you’re running for office here without knowing anything? I don’t see that going well... -Shastaw2006

truncate -himynameisjaked

Our air is bad, and water toxic. Enjoy your 123-tcp. I have no faith in our corrupt government. From the cocaine dealing cops, to the representatives who only look after their own interest, and the weak minded people kowtowing to party lines. -VentingSalmon

Comfort measures.... traffic is a lost cause in this state... -newo48

I believe that to get people to vote, we have to give them a reason to vote. Voter apathy stems from feeling that your vote doesn't matter, and I am determined to change that. I have vowed to not take any corporate or lobbying PAC money. Over 67% of my donations come from within the district, and 97% from inside the state. -ElectRoza2018

The sorts of people who say stuff like this aren't the sort of people who would want that alliance. As long as the Green Party keeps choosing these sorts of leaders, it's not going to happen. -sebsmith

This isn’t for real is it? -illuminutcacse

Asking how Americans feel about giving up land to both Canada and Mexico is the kind of stupidity that keeps the greens outside reasonable politics. Stop being stupid hippies and maybe people will take you seriously. -ApatheticZealot

Run credible candidates capable of winning elections (not just Ralph Nader or Jill Stein who constantly play the role of single-digit spoilers yelling about how both parties are the same).  Run candidates in districts where there are currently no Democratic challengers (e.g. the congressional list currently includes KS-01, LA-01, LA-04, LA-05, NC-03, MS-03, TN-06, UT-03, WY-AL). Democrats have been willing to support third party and/or independent candidates in the past when it's clear that the other candidate has a better chance of winning.  I would suggest running a lot of candidates in downballot races, since Democrats sometimes tend to leave those races unchallenged, creating an opening for the Green Party.  -yhung

Vote for the environmental concerns. That’s a big part of the Democratic platform. -veniceinperil2

So you grew up in the Office of the Chief of Police in Sacramento, but both your parents were teachers? A group of people with ranger training acting as intermediaries between festival goers' and the police is not self policing. "Self-policing is another term for self-governance, a group or community autonomously managing their own affairs." My opinion is that while some people have the capability to do that, many do not. That is why we need organizations like police departments. Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions. Politics are full of people asking difficult questions of the candidates and the candidate needs to have the ability to answer those questions without alienating the citizens. -ProbablyAnArmenian

Teachers may hate starting at 6:30, but that's a generalization. I'm at my son's school before start time. The teachers arrive between 7:30 and 7:45. You're right, they don't get off at 2:30 universally. Some actually stay until 3:00. At what level does your step-dad teach? Most teachers use the same curricula year after year and there is very little prep after the first year or two. There may be some grading, but not 4 hours worth every day. I would never win a school board election. I'm too outspoken and opinionated. -EndMeetsEnd

How young for self-responsibility? Other arrangement... so a before school program, parents have to hire in-home child care, or beg for help from family and friends? The beneficiaries of this will be children with a stay-at-home parent, has a family member that steps in to provide care, or has the resources to hire childcare. So, for the upper middle class and wealthier. The overlords on high, extending relief to the peasants, if only the peasants would let us do what's good for them. You're living in a different world. My experience with teachers has been to pawn off as much of the teaching on parents as possible, moving it out of the classroom and into the home as homework. That's why teachers send home thick homework packets starting in kindergarten and it only gets worse as the years go by. There are so many problems in education. Having a later start time will not resolve any of those problems. There's already a moral crusade about children and screen time... haven't really worked. Unfortunately, the problem of bad parenting isn't easily solved. Although the goal is admirable, I'd be surprised if you can get employers and schools on board. The parents at the school my sons attend have been asking for a later start time. We start at 8:00am. It is the school admins, teachers and staff that are unwilling to start later. They like ending their work day at 2:30. You'll have to get it past the teachers' union as well. Parents have to do what's best for their families. Maybe it's best for the family to have two employed parents that pay for food, clothing, and shelter, rather than being homeless, but well rested. You're assuming you know what's better for other people. The arrogance! Although students are assigned to schools in a catchment area, they are not all walkable and not all districts have buses. You may want to find out how many districts do not have buses and take a look at the size and makeup of the catchment areas.... busy streets, freeways, furthest distance from school, etc. You're making an assumption that students aren't dependent on parents for transportation. Additionally, with no system in place to care for children between the time parents leave for work and school starts, many parents will be have to choose to either go to work or leave their children unsupervised. What age do you think it's ok to leave children alone at home without adult supervision? When was the last time you visited an elementary school at end of day release? There's usually a traffic jam of parents picking up their kids and release is usually anywhere from 2:15 to 2:30. The city I live in has never had buses. Kids no longer walk to school because busy body neighbors are likely to call the cops and have the parents arrested for being neglectful. There are already after school programs that babysit until the parents can pick them up. Probably not all schools, but they do exist. That doesn't mean they should exist. In my city parents pay based on income, with the remaining operating costs being paid by taxpayers. EndMeetsEnd

16 year olds aren't "aware". They are just regurgitating what they have been told to. -SocialistEphebophile

Should the state fund this extremely expensive en devour, what are your plans for either A) diverting the space rock from hitting us or B) preparing for the impact? -ProbablyAnArmenian

How does having a Mediterranean climate zone fund anything? -ProbablyAnArmenian

No question, but desalinization is the most expensive option out there; I suggest you speak with people involved in the local water agencies about the most cost-effective water conservation and recycling methods and support those instead. -AgoraiosBum

While some 16-18 year olds may be brilliant, they don't have life experience to understand the big picture and don't need to be involved in politics. -ProbablyAnArmenian

How would you achieve the later school start times? Is this something the state should mandate, or is it something where the state should apply pressure to school districts but leave the power in the school districts? How would you address the housing crisis? Do you support the bill to require high density zoning near transit lines, or do you join the Sierra Club in opposing it? What's your plan for dealing with desalination waste? -leahrpa

Dude you're my age going against mayors from the two largest cities in the state. Go back to grad school and we'll talk in 20 years. -gRod805

When are you planning on answering the questions that have been asked of you? Since you have a zero percent chance of winning, why are you not just putting your efforts behind supporting a candidate that may have a chance of actually getting into office? If school starts later, what are parents who work going to do about losing their jobs because they can't make it to work on time? Priority lodging at your version of Black Rock City? Do you know what the phrase "self policing" actually means? If you are putting your name out there as a candidate, why have you not been able to come up with a name for your platform? -ProbablyAnArmenian

California needs to implement more aggressive protections for undocumented Californians somehow, and needs to fight against ICE as much as possible. The reality is that without the immigrants, our economy suffers, not to mention their valuable contributions to our local culture. California needs single payer universal healthcare. Virtually every nation in the world, major or minor, has it. Every major nation in the world has better healthcare than us. We're doing something wrong. We have a bigger population than Canada, and if Canada can do it, we certainly can. Also, rural areas need more attention. -ElCaliforniano

What are your thoughts on the housing crisis affecting CA right now? Any ideas for more long term, sustainable solutions? As a recent graduate from a UC, I can tell you tuition is only going to get more expensive and quality of education will continue to decline. Do you have thoughts on how to fund all three branches of higher education? If not, please look at endorsing the plan. -vanBoiDallas

Realistically, what's your goal in running for office? Considering there's zero chance any third party candidate will win.  Has the Green Party of California actually endorsed you? The party website needs to be updated. -Commotion

Are you also going to pay off student loans for California residents who attended public California universities and are still in debt? -EndMeetsEnd

How are you going to pay for all of this? -deepfriar2

The green party and democrats seem to share a great deal of common goals, is there a reason you can't run as a "green party democrat"? kind of like that are blue dog democrats? or tea party republicans? Why not just be part of the coalition? What makes your party so different that it cannot find a home in either major party? -bluefootedpig

Why are you working to dillute the liberal vote and elect Travis Allen? -OceanPoultry

Why is it fairly rare to see Green Party candidates in local races, but they're usually in state races where you guys really have no chance of advancing to the general election. -BlankVerse


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