Keep Looking Up


We messed up.
In our eagerness to transition away from nuclear energy, California sentenced itself to dependency on Natural Gas until enough Wind, Solar, and Geothermal can be produced to kick our fossil fuel habit. Fracking is the modern equivalent of Gold Rush-era hydraulic pressure mining, a problem that haunts the California foothills to this day.

Kern County is paying for our convenience and comfort with visibly contaminated air and a polluted drinking supply. Because of this and the extra pressure of water scarcity, I am declaring a State of Emergency for Kern County. I encourage all residents to evacuate immediately until the area is under control. When Fracking ends in California, I will lift this State of Emergency.

Days Kern County has been under Evacuative Conditions: 71

San Joaquin County is in serious groundwater trouble. San Francisco has been drinking up all of their water! Until the 100,000 San Joaquin residents without access to fresh Drinking Water in the State are secure, and Hetch Hetchy is restored, I am declaring an Evacuative State of Emergency for residents of San Joaquin County without access to to hydration.

Days San Joaquin County has been under Evacuative Conditions: 70

Sacramento County has received letters of concern from Human Rights Organizations and the United Nations for furnishing their homeless population with neither drinking nor sanitation amenities. There is human waste on the street and residents prefer it that way. Property-Based Improvement Districts (PBIDs) have declared War on the Homeless. Until Sacramento County unlocks all Public Restroom Facilities overnight and repeals the anti-Camping ordinance that allows the homeless to be harassed and robbed by City Employees, I am declaring a Human Rights Crisis and State of Emergency for Sacramento, California.

Days Sacramento County has been in State of Emergency and Human Crisis: 70