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Green and Gold 2018

The Guber campaign is thrilled to announce a joint endeavor with Libertarian candidate for Governor Nickolas Wildstar. It is our hope that California will send a Green and a Libertarian to the November election, under the top 2 primary system.

Insta: @governorwildstar, @guberthecandidate

California’s Senate and Assembly are rife with Democrats and Republicans. Nickolas and I (Chris) believe that a third party governor can arbitrate the feud between the parties, in keeping with the values of California’s voters and constitution, which we each have already sworn to uphold.

The Wildstar campaign (Gold) and Guber Campaign (Green) are setting the stage for a new political dialogue that starts with what we have in common. The needs of Californians are the same no matter who is in the high chair. In the spirit of good improvisation, we are committed to listening to one another and building one another’s platform cooperatively, instead of tearing each other to shreds.

We share ideas and videos, interviews and articles. We ask each other for help, and model courtesy. We will get you there if you get us there, California.

FULL DISCLOSURE: We don’t know what we don’t know. That’s ok, because we aren’t alone. As we share this state with one another, we are constantly learning and strengthening our positions. That means there is room for people to teach and help and guide us.

Together with Nickolas Wildstar, the Guber campaign wishes you all the most educational electoral experience ever. Check out all of the Green, Libertarian, and Peace and Freedom candidates this June 5th primary. Especially for downballot races.

Don’t worry, if either of us should actually get elected, there will be plenty of Democrats and Republicans in the Senate and Assembly leftover to keep us in check.

Win/Win California.

Green and Gold 2018.

Cabbage is pleased to announce that Guber is running a "joint" campaign with Libertarian Candidate for Governor Nickolas Wildstar.
Wildstar (Gold) and Carlson (Green) offer CA voters a "referee" option when it comes to a State Senate and Assembly loaded with Democrats and Republicans who are gridlocked in nonpolitical crises.

In honor of our fusion, I am submitting a new idea, seeing how the governor is basically the wizard of oz...
"It costs the state almost $14,000 a year to provide higher education to each student in the state collegiate system. It would cost much, much less to give each high school graduate an option between State assisted schooling and a "Golden Ticket," one way, to anywhere in the United States. Taking the Golden Ticket has its drawback: You have to find your way back into the state, on your own.

On Instagram, Carlson is @guberthecandidate. Nick can be found @governorwildstar

Ultimately, we don't know what we don't know, so we learn from one another, share opportunities, and work to give California voters their most educational electoral experience yet.

Thanks friends,