Keep Looking Up


Some Basic Ideas


Adolescents need later school start times. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) strongly recommends starting middle and high schools no later then 8:20am. Sleep deprivation is Child Abuse. Imagine sending your student to school drunk every morning. Mental Illness, Personality Disorders, and Academic Performance are all linked to sleep deprivation. Parents need to be understanding of this issue and really put their children's mental heath FIRST. Until the state relents, we need bedtimes, and phone curfews.

Preschool is a favorite talking point for mainstream candidates. As a preschooled student, I highly recommend finding a preschool program for your child that will send them to kindergarten reading.

Science Literacy

The Voters of California have been deceived by lobbyists and politicians for decades. Hard climate data from NOAA and the United Nations were (data is plural) obfuscated and contradicted by for-profit industry CEOs. Today, those CEOs testify to their knowledge of the human contribution to atmospheric pollution and acknowledge they lied to the public.

Opposition to science for religious reasons or trust issues predating the Hydrogen Bomb has resulted in the election of ignorant leaders. Gravity has only been defied by those who have a basic fluency in flight mechanics and physics. It's ok to be skeptical. There is no excuse for stupidity. Stupidity brings shame upon all of us from the rest of the world.

You think that's bad?

Greenland Ice Core Samples offer major clues as to what single event was most responsible for the Dark Ages. In the year 536 AD, the atmosphere was so thick with debris that bread failed for three years. The sky was darkened and a mini ice age followed. No civilization was left unaffected.

Whether caused by volcanoes, humans, or in this case probably a meteor, the phenomenon of climate change is real, and can be easily produced. Were a meteor to strike the Pacific Ocean in the same manner, would California's clean energy grid survive the ejected particles? No. Solar, Geothermal, Nuclear, and Wind Turbines would all succumb in the aftermath, leaving at least 25% of California powerless. Those living on coastlines and rivers would be displaced by tidal waves and searise. If they were prepared, those displaced might have a prayer of finding a cave with an underground microclimate to wait out the next ice age.

The probability of this happening in the next 500 years is small, but the cost of ignoring the threat of near earth objects (asteroids, etc) runs into billions of dollars. Our first line of defense, an infrared space telescope, costs $50 million. We should invest in and maintain a prepared, situational awareness of our place in the solar system and protect this mindfulness for succeeding generations.

California can join the world in space exploration, or we can fall behind with America. If we promote gender equity, then it stands to reason we must not only land a woman on the moon, but also Mars, and so on for Gender Nonconforming Individuals. It is critical to the survival of our species and the advancement of technology that we enter into a new Golden Age of Space Exploration, even now as millions succumb to the conspiracy that the moon landing was faked.

Otherwise, what was the point of all of this harm we have done to one another?