Keep Looking Up

Our Darkest/Finest Hour

The Green Party in California is Dying.

From 2014 to 2018, the CA Green Party has reduced by 15%. The Bernie Sanders Campaign siphoned out 30,000 registered CA Greens into the Democratic Presidential Primary in 2016. Only 2/3 of that loss has been recovered. We are on the brink of losing qualified ballot status by 2020.

The Republican Party in California is Dying.

With a registered voter base of nearly 5 million. The CA GOP is 50 times the size of the Green Party. Even with this major advantage, the 2018 Top Two Primary will significantly weaken Republican resistance to the Democratic supermajority. As evidenced by the weak showing of their Gubernatorial Candidates, Republican leaders have set the standard of complicity and duplicity as their business donors exploit resources at the expense of public health.
This could be the year the Republicans become a third party in California.

New Minority Greens

2018 can be a very punitive year for Greens in the primary. There is a projected blue wave of voters on the horizon, and 95% of Democrats are none too happy about the presence of Greens in statewide and national races. These voters believe Greens have now cost them two Presidencies. We are their scapegoats.

However, the hope remains that the Greens may re-establish a new vision for California's future by looking critically at the realistic problems facing the state. By offering ourselves as a science-forward alternative to Democratic corporatism, Greens can charge the gap created by divisive two party rhetoric and lead voters forward into the clean energy economy they deserve.  Californians all will be educated enough to compete on an international economic scale, while acting locally and supporting local Community Agricultural Systems.

The way forward is through the fire. The Greens either have or will hit rock bottom. Let's make sure that future generations will have a party to come home to when nobody else is yelling about treating the environment with respect.