Keep Looking Up

Paying the Price

Question: How are you going to pay for all of this?

THERE is one answer to this question. The honest candidate will tell you plainly, "With other people's time, labor, and money."

Can the candidate promising you free services convince laborers to work for free? If not, can your candidate convince people to pay for their work? How much of the candidate's own time, own labor, and own money are they willing to invest in taking care of you?

If it were so easy to convince everyone to solve these problems, they would already be solved. Who is unconvinced? Why are they unconvinced? And what is the alternative to expecting others to take care of you, being able to take care of others? I can't take care of you, I'm not going to promise you care. I'm not going to promise anything. I have some ideas that I really adore and I think you might too. But what's the point if I can't convince you that it's worth sacrificing your time, money, and labor?