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The Delta Tunnel Project

 "Dawn," a humpback whale calf, swam 90 miles inland with her mother, "Delta" in May 2007.

"Dawn," a humpback whale calf, swam 90 miles inland with her mother, "Delta" in May 2007.


EDIT:  At the TUESDAY, MAY 9 meeting in San Jose, CA; The national anthem was sung instead of the pledge of allegiance. Does this invalidate the 4-3 vote of Santa Clara Water District to blank check the Delta Tunnels? Lawyers, chime in!


Water District Plays Fast and Loose with Ratepayers

"I wonder what Malthus would have thought about all of this."

Forty people spoke to the Santa Clara Water District at a special meeting Wednesday, May 2nd. Several taxpaying, lifelong residents were joined by powerful environmental advocates, Silicon Valley Business Board members, and Union orangeshirts who all suspiciously arrived and left at the same time. The message was abundantly clear; Citizens of Santa Clara are almost unanimously opposed to a pending District vote to purchase influence and liability in the Twin Tunnels project. 650 million for two tunnels to nowhere, The Metropolitan Water Authority threatens, or Santa Clara's future water rates will increase substantially.

Waterfix is supposed to be so far underground you would never even know it was there. The only proof of completion will be the extra water and wholesale loss of the Delta Wetland ecosystem. Ultimately, the serviced farms will continue to thirst for more and more water as commercial agriculture seeks to increase yield.

Maybe at the 9am meeting this Tuesday, online dating don Gary Kremen will hear the word "no" for the 55th time. The Santa Clara Water District Staff is exhausted from their persistent assignment to this issue, a windmill project that brings not a single drop of water to Santa Clara County. Neighboring Water Districts appeared at the meeting, offering aid to Santa Clara should codependency and reliance on the Metropolitan Water Authority prove more costly to their ratepayers than a higher quality, less Delta destroying alternative, of which there are three.

Every gubernatorial candidate opposes this pursuit, myself included. Reddit is laughing at Santa Clara. Lassen pulled out, San Joaquin is bracing for impact, and District member Tony Estremera slurs out "it's happening whether you like it or not, life will go on." Barbara Keegan's reason for voting to put Santa Clara into long term debt and liability with no return is "I don't trust Southern California." It's like a bad Adam Sandler movie where Adam Sandler doesn't show up in the end. This is why people go crazy, because their representatives go completely rogue. I hope Santa Clara never asks for another dime from their taxpayers if they decide to spend money so capriciously.

I wish the environment were top priority. Clearly money is all this is about, and hard questions go unanswered. The state auditor finds $50 million of taxpayer money has already been extorted. People go crazy, for good reason, when faithless officials deny the testimony of ratepayers and write big checks to feel important. The next meeting to destroy the Delta is Tuesday Morning, 9 am. 5750 Almaden Expressway.

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Chris' song has been published on the Restore the Delta website:

"People don’t pump that Delta 

Delta don’t want your judas kiss

Someone’s got to say don’t pump that delta

There’s better ways to handle this

Not just the smelt up in that Delta

The ocean water’s creeping in."


The Story of Delta and Dawn

Delta and Dawn were lured back into the Pacific Ocean after a long freshwater incursion up the Sacramento River. Both whales were gashed by propellers and treated with antibiotics for  infections. Some "helpful" humans banged loud pipes underwater to turn them back around.

The Sacramento and San Joaquin Delta is not just a place for smelt. Seawater and freshwater mingle in marshes and wetlands, a real treasure trove of ecology and natural phenomena soon to become the next statistic of human habitat destruction.

"It's just drinking water, and it's just running into the ocean."
It's not *anyone's* drinking water. This is not a solution to a matrix of water rights deals and murky management policies that have supported unsustainable agriculture and bad business. The drinking water needs of the general public can easily be met through Direct-to-Potable water reclamation.

Families sit on dry acreage. These families once may have had water rights, which have been traded away or cover wells that have depleted, or shares of reserve water that cannot be honored in drought conditions.

Bad news, friends. Under even the most generous models, Southern California is projected to receive even lower than average rainfall in the coming decades. The drought is becoming a local crisis. What do you do when the watering hole is fracked to death and bone dry? Relocate the people, not the water. Elect representatives who understand that short-sightedness is not the solution.

Instead of billion dollar tunnel proposals, Israel invested $500 million in a Desalination plant that covers 55% of their drinking supply. Desal can save everything South of Bakersfield, and it's cheaper. The Sorek Desal, aided by the Zuckerberg Institute: