Keep Looking Up

Special Thanks to

Gary Blenner - Treasurer Supreme. I hope I still kept it low hassle.
Mom, Dad, Dad, & Dad - For building a place in this world for my siblings and I.
Ed Santillanes - For being the best Media/accidental drama teacher ever.
Sac County Greens - Randy, Faygo, Nicole, Sharyn, Ashley, Eric, Sid, Lawrence, Jared, Gary (twice), Chris R., Steve, Dawn (ongoing)
Yolo Greens - Josh and Sadie
Nickolas Wildstar and Ladie Wildstar - You were the sunshine of my campaign. #GreenandGoldForever
Shubham Goel - For the courage to run at age 22, and for graduating from a UC.
Nelda Mackey - For being a wonderful school counselor
Bethany Deal, Claire Marie, and Nicholas Heacock - For shelter in strange cities
Rollin Coxe - For humor, signage, and being the best driving buddy
Steve Correa - For signature gathering and coming out to the debate!
Veronika Fimbres - For the love you show to each person every day. I loved touring the state with you.
Angelica - Prayers for Faustino.
Megan Caniglia - For a grand birthday.
Auberry Good - For counsel and ferret talent.
Orie Alpern and Resse Brindisi - Massively Incredible Headshots.
Nicholas Hemphill - Camerawork, Editing Aid, and Being my Friend
Emmanuel Jimenez - For letting me write this in your apartment.
Beto Jimenez - For making me physically fit(ter)
Nicole Castor - A roof over my head when our rent got raised, and signature aid.
Casey Worthington - For coming home.
Raegan Kotz - For putting my eyeball back into the socket.
Matt Savage and Bryan Ayule - For Debates.

To Ben McClara and Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy. I wish I'd caught Revolver and Sgt. Peppers.

To my friends from Best of Broadway: Dewight Mitchell, Kayla Camper, and Derek Dozier, and Kayla's friend Andre on keys.
To my writing partner and eternal friend:

Derek Dozier

Guber is Dedicated to:
Stephon Clark, Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, and the dozens of students who perished in their schools since my memory began with Columbine.

Thank you.